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stopwatchThe clock is ticking
You only have seconds to keep a new visitor on your website. We're here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers.

Your competition is a click away
People assume that if your website doesn't look up-to-date and professionally designed, that your products and services are inferior, as well. Since your competition is just a click away, your website has to compel visitors to stay. If it doesn't, they'll go somewhere else.

I see lots of companies who's products and services are great, but their website doesn't convey the same message. An old looking, or a poorly designed website can hurt your business.

Because web design and online marketing are ongoing/evolving projects, I continue working with my clients after the initial design stage is completed. Helping my customers get results is important.

We take care of all our clients' needs: from helping them register their domain name, to web design, to search engine optimization, newsletter campaigns, and more...


Smartphone Friendly Websites

stopwatchGoogle announced in 2015 that websites that are not responsive (smartphone-friendly) will not be ranked as well as sites that are responsive. That said, all websites we design are responsive.

Pew Research Statistics
About three-quarters of U.S. adults (77%) say they own a smartphone, up from 35% in 2011, making the smartphone one of the most quickly adopted consumer technologies in recent history.

Do-it-yourself web sites
I have many clients who use using do-it-yourself websites like GoDaddy, Yahoo, Wix, Wordpress, etc., but came to understand that they weren't getting results.

When it comes to web design I like to use the analogy of playing music—in as little as a few hours, some people can strum a few chords on a guitar and play a simple tune. But, to really play the instrument requires a combination of talent, practice, understanding, and experience. We've been designing websites for small businesses and associations for 20+ years.

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