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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization (seo)I see an overwhelming and recurring problem when I'm giving site evaluations to prospective clients for SEO, or for makeovers. When they tell me their website isn't doing very much for their business, I can see why—it hasn't been optimized for the search engines. The necessary ingredients are missing!

Keyword research is the fundamental building block for all your online marketing efforts! Keywords are the summation of people's thoughts into actions on the keyboard.

For instance, an Eyebrow Sculpting Studio may assume that people are searching for 'eyebrow sculpting," but almost nobody is searching like that, they're searching for "eyebrow shaping" and "eyebrow waxing." You have to understand your audience. We can do in-depth analysis to determine the best keywords for you. Another factoid, men & women search differently when given the same task.


Links are the single most important component of SEO! If you don't have good links pointing to your website, that is, links that convince the search engines your site is valuable, you simply cannot get ranked in the search engines for the keywords you're targeting. It's as simply as that.

PageRank is used by Google to help it decide which pages are most important and to rank them accordingly. This is why links are so important, and not just for Google.

The more links, the better. The more links pointing to your site, the more often search engines will find these links, the more important they will consider it, and the more pages they're likely to index. A single link might eventually make major search engines aware of your site. A hundred links will make them aware sooner, and will give them more reason to index your site.

KEYWORDS and LINKS are just two of the factors that help get you the best Search Engine ranking possible. Contact Us for more information.